WFG Commercial Services

Our commercial services team can assist with the complexities of closing all commercial transactions. With a client-focused approach, including a single point of contact for clients and rapid turnaround time on orders, WFG Title Insurance Company’s flat administrative organization allows for quick response to client needs. The Williston Financial Group family of title insurers is currently licensed and operating in 38 jurisdictions nationwide. The company is a full service provider of title insurance and real estate settlement services for lender, brokers and principals on transactions nationwide.

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WFG Commercial Services
18881 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: (949) 266-0960
Fax: (949) 553-0442

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Contact our staff:

David Noble
Senior Vice President
Direct: 949-266-1631
Fax: 866-297-7395
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Steven Rosansky, Esq.
VP of Sales, National Commercial Services
Direct: 949-836-7604

Kellie Thompson
Senior Commercial Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-266-1632
Fax: 866-298-0596
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Robin Roseberry
Title Officer
Direct: 949-266-1633
Fax: 866-304-8598
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Al Japzon
Title Officer
Direct: 949-266-1637
Fax: 866-297-7395
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Lisa Sisk
Escrow Assistant
Direct: 949-266-1636
Fax: 949-553-0442
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Katheryn Natividad
Payoff Manager/Escrow Assistant to Kellie Thompson
Direct: 949-266-1635
Fax: 866-863-2248
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Liz Bergold
Senior Account Executive
Cell: 949-705-9572
Fax: 949-553-0442
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James Powell
Sales Executive
Cell: 619-517-2898
Fax: 866-297-7395
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Ron Collier
Title Officer
Direct: 949-266-1634
Fax: 866-304-8598